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Inbound is the art of attracting real, quality visitors to your site, converting them into leads, closing them into customers, and delighting those customers into promoters. The process is data driven, but these are people, and we want them to feel like we get that.



Before we jump right into content that attracts visitors, we need to build a solid foundation for your inbound marketing campaign. This foundation has 3 pillars: Buyer Persona Documentation, Content Mapping and SMART Goals.

When you have a product or service you are really excited about, it is tempting to jump right into the deep end of content mapping and goals. But Buyer Persona Documentation is a critical and often overlooked first step of the inbound process.

Buyer Personas


As an inbound marketing agency we run into this problem a lot. Your team may not have ever documented your Buyer Personas. Everyone might have intuition about the types of buyers you are targeting, but nothing has ever been put down in writing.

Therefore, campaigns are often not based on tangible data. We need to identify who your ideal buyers are so we can tailor our marketing content and our sales approach to their specific needs and challenges.

Content Auditing


We want to both take advantage of content you already have and find opportunities for new content that will appeal to your buyer personas. Compelling content is the key to moving visitors through the buyer’s journey.

Many companies do not have the time or bandwidth to develop the quantity or quality of content necessary to a robust inbound campaign. Honeycomb can help write, develop and push out new targeted content to each of your buyer personas.

If you’re looking for help from a team that knows HubSpot, we’re a great fit.

Now, let’s run that inbound marketing campaign.

Phew… okay we have just done some much needed planning. Now we can jump into our inbound campaigns. We will work together on monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly campaigns.

Content Offers


Creating a content offer and the supporting pages to help deliver your offer to your site visitors and contacts is the first step to a successful campaign. The topic we choose for your content offer will be the topic that runs through all the other assets for this campaign.

We will create a content offer that one of your personas would find valuable and helpful. Providing this content is the one of the best ways to generate new contacts and be seen as a resource.

Conversion Pathways


Creating a content offer and the supporting pages to help deliver your offer to your site visitors and contacts is the first step to a successful campaign. The topic you choose for your content offer will be the topic that runs through all the other assets for this campaign.

Other assets includes your landing pages, thank you pages, and call-to-action graphics. We help you build these inbound marketing tools so that you can leverage HubSpot in a way that generates high quality leads.

Promote Your Offer


Now that we have created your offer and your landing page is built, we will drive qualified traffic to it. In the context of an inbound campaign, email is a great way to promote your content offers to existing contacts who would be interested. In HubSpot, we help you build out smart campaigns for each persona.

For SEO and social, we identify long-tail keyword phrases your personas would search related to your content offer. We base the blog content you create for this campaign around these keywords and accompany these with social media content.


Completely free inbound marketing checklist

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Need outbound prospecting? We can do that too.

This is the hardest part. Waiting. Inbound takes time. People are often asking for strict numbers from us. We truly understand the urgency, and hey, we spent money on all of this.

Patience is a Virtue


When can you expect to see progress on our campaigns? What we have done thus far is to establish a baseline for engagement on your website. Who is coming to the site? How did they get there? Are the CTA’s working? Which blogs have made the biggest impact? Which buyer personas are worth injecting more capital into?

These are all things we are seeking to determine as early as possible once your campaigns go live so that we can make educated decisions in the future. But what about while we wait for this to happen?

Linkbuilding Campaigns


Link building is one of the most effective off site SEO strategies. In general, it involves building external links to your website, which can be seen as trying to gather as many external votes as possible, so that your website bypasses the competition and ranks higher.

For instance, if a visitor likes an article on your website and references it in their personal blog or website, this is likely to tell search engines that your website has very good information. You can check out our inbound marketing pricing page to learn more.

Lead Generation


Another helpful tool we use to generate high quality leads while we wait for the inbound process to run its course is through outbound lead generation. “What?!?” You say. “But how can this be?” The truth is, there are a lot of people and businesses out there that haven’t found you yet, but would love to talk with you.

The key is to engage them in the right way. Outbound engagement with inbound language. We prospect up to 5,000 potential leads per month for you, using our proprietary methodology to give you guaranteed leads.

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