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An inbound marketing strategy is crucial for any company leveraging a marketing automation platform to generate traffic, leads, and customers.

Why use an agency?


When investing significantly into your inbound marketing strategy, a company should work closely inbound marketing agency to optimize the experience. As professional marketers who create inbound marketing strategies for many different businesses, we have the ability to uniquely understand your situation and prepare a plan. We can accomplish this in a more efficient and timely manner than a single person could on their own.

Why start now?


The strategy for your inbound marketing should be the first thing you tackle before the campaign launches. We highly discourage inbound marketing campaigns without a well-defined execution strategy. Why? Marketing without strategy isn’t marketing at all – it’s just noise. A strategy that leverages buyer personas can help you decide what content to create, where to promote it, and how to convert the traffic into leads.

What does it cost?


The great thing about Honeycomb is that we’re a one-stop-solution that focuses on holistic inbound marketing strategy. What does this mean? We don’t view your social media marketing in a “silo” like other social media marketing agencies. Instead, we consider your entire digital marketing funnel and work on all parts of it to increase conversion rates – click here to see our simple inbound marketing pricing.

If you need an inbound marketing strategy and buyer personas, then we’re the team you’ve been looking for.

Why does your business need a marketing strategy?

Launching a new company can be super exciting, but it can pose a real, significant challenge. Your company is new and unknown to most everyone. To overcome this, startup founders and marketing executives alike need to embrace an inbound marketing strategy that delivers on attracting traffic, converting visitors, and nurturing leads into customers.

Digital inbound marketing tries to generate leads like traditional marketing, but in a much different methodology. The main activities of inbound marketing that are used include search engine optimization, content marketing, video marketing, and social media marketing.

Each of these have a different implication on marketing performance and need to operate in a holistic, synergistic strategy that coincides with the same goal to generate marketing leads. With that in mind let’s explore each of the marketing methods and how they play into a bigger, thoughtful inbound marketing approach and strategy.


Content Marketing


This is one of the biggest methods of marketing and easily the most important for people to consider because it will tie in with all the other methods that are going to be discussed. What content marketing is at the basic level is getting content out in front of the eyes of readers who are going to be looking for the information they want to get.

What to Consider in Content Marketing

The first aspect to consider with content marketing is where the information is going to be published. If it is going on the website, it should be answering a definitive question. This question can be something general about the niche, but it can also be something specific about a question people may have on the product. If the content is used on the article directories or other websites, they need to have just enough information given out that is going to want to make people click on a link to go to the website for the definite answer.

Length of the content is another consideration to make when people are looking at the content. The length is going to vary depending on the focus of the content. Sometimes it can range in the thousands word count, or sometimes a shorter character amount so be sure to alter the length to the type of content you’re offering, and where you’re offering it.

Tools to Help with Content Marketing

Thankfully you are not alone with content marketing woes. Their are some tools available that will help with the marketing aspect of the work that you have to do. One of the major tools is using a content generation service. These services are going to be used to write up the information people need on a specific topic. For example, if people need content on a stun gun, they can use a content marketing service and they would handle the generation of the content and get it back to the person who ordered the content.

Content spinners are another tool that can be used. When a spinner is used people will put their content into the tool and then have it filled in with different words, usually synonyms, and then substitute them in the content. Then all people have to do is read through the content that was spun and make sure it reads good to use on their website.

Search Engine Optimization


This is a form of inbound marketing that is going to help people in getting their website to rank higher in the search engines. While people never think about this, they need to realize having a website rank in the search engines is a great way to draw in traffic from around the world. The methods that are going to vary, but their are several factors that you should consider to help you in ranking your website properly.

Factors to Consider with Search Engine Optimization

Over optimization is a big factor that you should think about. While it may make sense from your standpoint to put your targeted keyword in the content as often as possible, the search engines may consider this as over optimization. This in turn can get your website penalized because it is over optimized.

The same goes with building links back to your website. You will want to make sure that the anchor text is varied up, but also that it is coming from multiple websites. The old school way of thought was to add in your targeted keyword all the time as your anchor text, however the search engines caught onto this and now, you can only use your keyword about ten percent of the time in anchor text and not have to really worry about being penalized.

The websites the links are coming from to the main site is something else that is going to need to be considered. Sometimes you think any link will help out, but you need to realize you should have good quality links from quality same niche websites. This will help you improve your rankings, but also start to be seen as an authority website in the niche. By getting seen as an authority it will help you improve the rankings and trust from the customers.

Targeting the proper keywords is another factor to consider. While we have talked about anchor text and over optimization, none of it will matter much if you are not targeting the right keywords. So you should do quite a bit of research and target the specific keywords you want to rank for in the long tail form, which will in turn help you rank for the generalized keywords.

Tools to Help out Search Engine Optimization

Keyword research tools are going to be a major weapon in your arsenal for search engine optimization. You may think that you can find the words on your own, but you need to realize when you use the tools they generally dig down and help you find the keywords that are easier to rank for.

Article marketing services is another great tool that can help out. These services generally help you produce keyword targeted articles by using writers. So you will get unique content produced that is going to help you in getting the right rankings you need to have. In some cases, the article marketing services will take and submit the articles to different directories that are going to help you in getting quality backlinks as well.

Video Marketing


Video marketing is huge on the Internet because a lot of people want to watch to learn the information instead of reading about it. Since this is the case, you need to realize video marketing will involve the submission of the videos that are made to different websites that host videos, like YouTube.

Considerations to Make with Video Marketing

The first thing that you should consider is if you are going to have a script for the video or not. If you do use a script you should make sure that you are not going to give the lecturer monotone, because people will leave the video just as quickly as they clicked on it. If you are not using a script, you should consider the different factors of how you are going to get your point across and make sure you have them across by the end of the video.

Some common mediums of presentations are PowerPoint presentations or a video presentation. Both of these are methods that are going to be useful to get your point across. If you are using a slide type of presentation then you should make sure you are using slides that are coordinated with your video speech. If you are using a regular video presentation, you want to make sure you are speaking about the focus of your content.

Tools to Help with Video Marketing

Video editing software is going to be a massive help. The video editing software makes it easier for you to get all of your work done, but get the videos edited so the images are top quality and the voice syncs with what you are talking about. Their are some free versions of the video editing software, but they may not have all the tools you need.

Video submission programs are another aspect that you should consider as well. When you are looking at submitting your video you need to realize that you want to have the content and description done properly. So you will find a lot of the video submission programs make it easier to do this because they can help you in optimizing your videos content, that is typed up, before you submit them to the video hosting sites.

Social Media Marketing


This is going to be using websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Reddit to get the information out about your website or business. When you use these sites you are directly reaching out to people and their concerns. However, you’ll get feedback about your product or site right away, which can make it a lot easier for you to know what you might be missing.

Considerations to Make with Social Media

The type of page or group that you are setting up needs to be one of the main considerations. You may not think it will impact your business, but if you are doing this wrong then your entire business can end up ruined quickly. So you should know about the different pages and groups and determine which one you want to set up to help you in growing your business.

How often to post to the groups or pages is something else you need to think about. Sometimes you would not think about this, but you should consider the fact that the pages need to get fresh content on a regular basis to keep users engaged. However, how much is too much or too little? You will have to feel out your audience and decide. The good news is you can schedule out a post on a lot of the pages and this means you can automatically publish while you away.

Tools to Help with Social Media Marketing

Tools that help you in finding the trending topics is one of the main things that people need to know about. When you know about the trending topics you can start to make posts about the trending topic and this will help you in getting more traffic to your page because you are following the trend.

Automatic posting programs are something else that will help out as well. Automation is not good for websites, but it is something that you can do on social media. This makes it easier for you to post to multiple social media websites all at once, but also get the information out at a scheduled time.


Completely free inbound social media marketing checklist

Learn how to launch your very own inbound social media marketing campaign, using our proven methodology.

How do you decide which inbound marketing agency is the best fit for you?

This is the hardest part. Lots of agencies are saying lots of great things about themselves. But which inbound marketing agencies are legit and which ones are frauds? Here’s what to look for.

Look at Their Inbound Marketing


One of the best determinants of a successful inbound agency is the focus they put on their own inbound marketing strategies. Do they have an active blog with relevant content? Is it easy to determine their buyer personas through forms on the website? How often are they engaging with content on social media?

Honeycomb uses the same practices in our campaigns for our clients. These campaigns are structured, consistent campaigns that focus on relevant buyer persona content to drive traffic (like you!) to fill out a lead gen form on our website (like this one!)

Ask Them Specific Questions


Once you are happy with their inbound marketing activity, you should contact the agency and ask them a few questions. Your goal is to find out how they will improve your current personas, who will create the strategy for you, how they will measure their success, and anything else that you might find important. For example, it’s a good idea to ask how many accounts their agency is currently managing (Honeycomb manages about 60 clients).

You may also ask for some previous case studies and concept proofs. It’s always a good idea to review case studies from an agency before you make a commitment. If an agency can’t provide you with case studies, then you should look for an agency that can.

Pay attention to how they engage with you as well. Do they make an effort to learn the values of your brand and your business objectives? If not, then how can they accurately reflect them online?

Don’t Pick The Cheapest Option


You aren’t going to get a “deal” by choosing the cheapest inbound marketing company. You really get what you pay for! The agencies with the highest level of success typically are not the cheapest solutions. But they do bring the best results.

However, you’ll also want to avoid big marketing agencies that charge big bucks with outdated inbound marketing case studies. Make sure the agencies have seen success in the last 24 months (because social strategy is constantly changing) to make sure they have the chops you need.

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