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SEO is about developing an authoritative website through high domain backlinking and on page optimization. Natural search result growth is the best way to generate top of the funnel website traffic.

What is SEO?


Internet marketing is a massive machine with many different working parts. One of the largest and most important parts is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a marketing technique that requires optimizing websites so that they receive a higher ranking in a search engine’s organic search results. In particular, most SEO campaigns target Google because it has the highest search volume.

Why use SEO?


SEO is an extremely cost effective and flexible marketing strategy. It works very well with most other digital marketing avenues and it provides long term results rather than quick boosts. If you’re new to the world of online marketing you may be wondering if SEO is a good fit for your business and website. The short answer is, yes.  Every website has the potential to benefit from search engine optimization.

What does it cost?


The great thing about Honeycomb is that we’re a one-stop-solution that focuses on holistic inbound marketing strategy. What does this mean? We don’t view your social media marketing in a “silo” like other social media marketing agencies. Instead, we consider your entire digital marketing funnel and work on all parts of it to increase conversion rates – click here to see our simple inbound marketing pricing.

If you are struggling to get ROI from Organic Traffic Sources, our SEO-driven inbound marketing is your solution.

What are the benefits of working with a search engine optimization company?

Every business can benefit from working with a professional SEO company. SEO is important, but it’s also very complex and time consuming. The best methods for getting results are constantly changing, so knowing the SEO basics AND new innovative strategies is key.

What Makes SEO So Important?


The business world is full of skeptics and rightfully so. After all, you don’t run a successful business by throwing your money at every opportunity you see. You first must question the opportunity, consider the outcome, and then make a decision. SEO can be a key component in your business venture.

SEO is important for everyone involved: your business, the search engine, and the people using the search engine. Consider for a moment that you run a business selling custom furniture. You could post a picture on your website of something you made. It might be described as “brown wooden table with brass legs”. A fairly simple description, yet one that a search engine could not create itself.

Search engines lack the ability to understand or describe a photograph in a useful way. By using SEO you can give the search engine the information that it needs to know about the picture. This way, when someone searches for “custom wooden furniture with brass legs” that’s what they see. Bridging the gap between the visible and the “searchable” is only one important aspect of SEO. Other aspects have a more significant impact on your website traffic.

SEO Drives Organic Traffic


Possibly the number one reason anyone invests in search engine optimization is for the superior boost to traffic it can provide. They may have more concrete goals than “get more traffic”, but those goals are often achieved with the help of the extra traffic. Exactly how and why does SEO provide so much traffic? It all boils down to statistics.

The first statistic to consider is that most websites receive between 64 and 80 percent of their website traffic from search engines. A site that gets a lot of business from referrals may be at the lower end, while a site that relies heavily on SEO will be at the higher end of that spectrum.

This statistic shows two things. First, if you aren’t using SEO, then you are missing out on a huge percentage of your potential traffic. Second, it shows that the majority of people surfing the web start their journey in a search engine. They go to a search engine with a problem, question, or interest and eventually reach a website that gives them what they want.

Just how much traffic is going through a search engine like Google before reaching a website? Well, they handle an average of 2.3 million searches every second and more than 100 billion searches every month. SEO provides a traffic boost for your website because it’s pulling a portion of those searches to your page.

Your organic ranking for a particular search phrase plays the biggest role in determining how significant your traffic boost will be.

A click-through-rate (CTR) is a percentage that represents the number of clicks a link gets in comparison to the number of views the page receives. A single page of Google has ten organic links on it. The organic links closer to the top always have the higher CTR and thus always receive more traffic from that page.

On average, the first link, which is also the number one ranked page for that keyword, receives 31% of the traffic. That’s saying, “31% of the people who search a phrase will click on the first organic link that Google shows them”. The second link only gets around 15% of the traffic. The third link around 10%, the fourth link around 7%, and the fifth link around 5%. By the time you reach the last link on the page they are only receiving 1% of the traffic. Yet, that’s still more traffic than any of the links pull on the second or third pages.

These statistics highlight the importance of SEO in terms of gaining traffic. Being ranked in the top three for a certain keyword means you are pulling in a decent percentage of the people who search for that term. And since so many people are making so many searches every day, that traffic can be rather significant. Enough to keep a business afloat and help it grow.

When you work with an SEO company you set a goal for future rankings. You might make a goal of reaching number 3 within a certain number of months for a particular key phrase. The specifics of the goal are worked out with the SEO company which will use research tools to help set realistic goals and time frames.


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The Components of SEO


SEO is a rather vast and complex field. An SEO company must address every campaign on a daily basis. It’s not as simple as picking a keyword that relates to your page and then waiting to reach the top. Not only do you have to consider the best way to optimize your content, you always have to worry about building links and staying ahead of the competition.

Remember, there are basically three spots (1st, 2nd, and 3rd organic ranking) that every business is aiming for. That means there is a lot of competition among businesses in similar niches.

You will generally hear the components of search engine optimization broken down into two separate groups. The first group is referred to as “on-site optimization” and the second group is referred to as “off-site optimization”.

As you might have guessed, on-site relates to what you do on your website to optimize it. This includes the keywords you choose, the content you post, the tags you use, the layout of your website, your URL structure, and more.

Off-site refers to ways you boost your rating by promoting it on other sites. In most cases, this simply means link-building. It happens to be one of the most important components because it is the metric Google uses to rank the credibility of your site. If other credible sources are linking back to your content, then Google assumes your content must be credible as well and deserving of a high ranking.

Though these two types of optimization are accomplished in different ways, they are both performed with the same goal in mind: to increase your organic ranking. And they both share one important feature: the content you post on your site. This content is usually what other sites are linking to and it is also optimized with appropriate keywords. Thus, your content plays a role in on-site and off-site optimization.

Content and SEO


There’s a phrase that’s common among SEO companies, “content is king”. It’s a phrase repeated time and time again whenever search engine optimization is up for discussion. A more appropriate phrase might be “content is the foundation” because that’s exactly what content is. Content serves as the foundation for nearly all other SEO tactics.

Just as there are components of SEO, there are also several components of content. These factors can be grouped up as well. One group reflects the quality of the content. A second group reflects the keyword research of the content. And a final group focuses on the quantity of the content. Of these groups, quality is by far the most important.

The quality of the content on your site will have a significant influence on the success of your business. For example, even if you managed to receive a high ranking on Google while having low-quality content (which isn’t very likely), the majority of the traffic boost you receive would bounce away from your site after looking at the content.

Content is not only what pulls people to your website, it’s also what holds them there. And if it is written properly it can lead them further down the sales funnel until they are a paying customer or client. Quality content does this by providing something of value to the visitors.

When visitors arrive at your page through the use of a search engine they are usually looking for something. That something is related to the keywords you used to rank the page with the content. But just knowing what they want isn’t enough. The content has to actually give them what they are looking for.  In this way, your keywords and your content work together to acknowledge a need and then to provide what is needed.

The freshness of content is also a part of its quality. You may not be the only website publishing similar content, but that doesn’t mean you have to provide it in exactly the same way. The freshness of content not only improves the user experience, but it is something that Google takes into consideration from a concept called “Query Deserved Freshness”.

Working with an SEO Company


The concepts covered above are just a brief glimpse into the world of search engine optimization. They are the basics and barely the tip of the iceberg. The work of managing a successful SEO campaign, which is a campaign that helps you reach a certain ranking for a targeted keyword within as short a time frame as possible, is too much for a single person to handle. Especially if that person also has to run a business every day.

That’s why successful businesses take the time to find a reliable SEO company to handle the job. SEO marketing agencies have dedicated teams that manage these campaigns on a daily basis. A single person simply cannot get the same results in the same amount of time as a full-fledged marketing agency.

The only other possibility that could achieve similar results is hiring an in-house team of marketers. However, that boils down to a matter of budget. The annual salary of even one marketing professional is going to be greater than the cost of working with a marketing agency for the same amount of time. Albeit, there are some benefits that come from working with an in-house team, but they are best left for very big companies.

A final benefit that comes from working with an SEO company is the quality of the experience they can apply to your campaign. Learning the best SEO techniques is a matter of experience. Over the years, the marketing professionals work on countless campaigns. They see what works fast and what took more time than expected. The end result is a wealth of knowledge that they can apply to future campaigns.

This experience helps them to reach goals in a timely fashion, especially when combined with the number of professionals they may have working on a single campaign at once. It means that a company doesn’t have to wait a year to see the results that they want. It also means that you don’t have to spend years trying to learn and understand the intricacies of SEO.

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