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Social media marketing is all about grabbing the attention of your audience online. And, to an equally important degree, it’s about driving those people to your website.

Why use an agency?


As with any serious marketing campaign, you should rely on the assistance of a dedicated inbound marketing agency. We work around the clock on your behalf to establish an social media presence, build brand awareness, and increase traffic to your website. We can accomplish this in a more efficient and timely manner than a single person could on their own.

Why start now?


The sooner you decide to work with a social media marketing agency, the better. If you’re in a competitive industry or space, it’s likely that your competitors are already working with an agency that has defined a specific strategy and approach to leveraging social media accounts.. The longer you wait, the more you fall behind them.

What does it cost?


The great thing about Honeycomb is that we’re a one-stop-solution that focuses on holistic inbound marketing strategy. What does this mean? We don’t view your social media marketing in a “silo” like other social media marketing agencies. Instead, we consider your entire digital marketing funnel and work on all parts of it to increase conversion rates – click here to see our simple inbound marketing pricing.

If you need a social media marketing with real results, we’re the team you’ve been looking for.

What are the benefits of working with a social media marketing company?

If you’re not yet convinced that you need to work with a professional social media marketing team, then take a look at the following four benefits. After that, we’ll cover a few pointers for actually choosing the right marketing agency to represent your brand online.

Social Media Drives Awareness


Working with a professional social media marketing company is a great way to drive your brand awareness. Other marketing techniques can generate visibility, but none of them come close to social media marketing strategies in terms of establishing a brand and connecting that brand with an audience. Even search engine optimization doesn’t help as much in this regard.

The brand awareness comes from the nature of social media sites. They are designed to connect people together with similar interests. The same can be said for connecting people with businesses. A marketing agency will use your social media profiles to bridge the gap between the business and the clients.

In what other way could a company engage with their customers so easily? It’s a great opportunity, but it must be fully utilized if it is to benefit your business. Your business benefits because customers have positive experiences with your business on social media sites and then share it with others in their network. This causes your own network to expand as more traffic lands on your site.

Seventy percent of people who have a positive experience with a brand on a social media site share that brand with their network. If you consider how vast these social networks are, then you see what a huge potential for exposure this presents. That’s why more than 90 percent of businesses claim that their digital marketing campaign had a substantial impact on their exposure.

However, social media can hurt a business just as easily as it can help it. It only takes one bad experience to ruin a company’s reputation online. A single post and your business could suffer for a long time. That’s why it is important to work with a reputable, experien

Social Media Helps Your SEO


It’s always a great idea to work with a marketing agency that can handle search engine optimization as well as social media strategy. These two digital marketing strategies complement each other nicely. Improved rankings on Google brings more traffic to your site and some of that traffic will end up on your social media profile.

On the other hand, you can share your content on social media where it has the potential to build links. The links on the social media sites won’t necessarily help, but people who discover the shared content and like it may link back to it from their own sites. Since link-building is one of the most important aspects of SEO, it should go without saying how beneficial this could be.

Unfortunately, the metrics that social media sites use, such as “likes” and “shares” aren’t directly considered by Google. The focus of social media campaigns are to benefit the SEO campaign in a more roundabout way.

And there is always the fact that social media will drive some traffic to your site. On average, the added traffic may not be huge, but is still notable nonetheless. Though it is possible to drive a substantial burst of traffic to your site with a single high-quality post. There have been posts on some sites that drove more than 20,000 to a web page in the course of a weekend.

The potential to create such high-quality posts is yet another reason to rely on the assistance of a professional marketing agency. One that has fully researched and identified the appropriate audience and can thus create a powerful post that is more likely to drive large amounts of traffic.

If you are letting a single agency handle your SEO and your social media marketing, which you should, then you have the added bonus of knowing those posts link back to high-quality content on your website.

Social Media Helps Sales


It’s always good when a marketing technique raises your sales. That’s one of the only ways you can hope to see a return on that investment. Social media marketing strategies tend to result in a regular increase in sales. One study has shown social media to have twice the conversion rate of typical outbound marketing.

It is believed that this increase in conversions comes from the personalized aspect of social media. That same company-to-customer engagement that drives brand awareness also drives sales.

There is also an increased level of trust that is generated when a person follows a particular brand on social media. It causes the brand to seem more transparent and the followers begin to view the brand as more credible. This increase in trust and credibility helps increase conversions.

Aside from businesses, people tend to follow friends, family, and associates. Social media can be a very personal concept to some people. The idea of letting a business into that group shows that they have some measure of trust in that business. This means they are more likely to convert into a customer than a passerby who simply ran across the brand because they saw it in some banner advertisement.

Building trust doesn’t come instantly or easily, though, even on social media. The marketing agency must be skilled enough to properly project the values of your brand and maintain those values online. This means the agency must first come to understand the values of your brand and then continue to maintain those values through all of their online interactions.

This is a tough task for anyone to accomplish. It requires an understanding of marketing as well as a large human component. As you will see in many aspects of digital marketing, the human component is what provides the biggest benefits. Other marketing techniques have very little human component and in some, it’s non-existent altogether.

Social Media Combats Competition


This benefit isn’t strictly about social media, but rather it’s a benefit of working with an agency as compared to managing your social media presence yourself. Social media is a highly competitive environment. It can be tough for a company to stand out from the crowd.

It’s safe to assume that the companies who are working with marketing agencies have the biggest advantage. They have a full team working constantly to promote their site and to separate them from the competition.

The biggest hurdle you’ll have to face as a business owner is choosing the right marketing agency to support and portray your brand. There are hundreds of agencies out there and they are not all created equal. Some have very little experience, others might employ shady tactics, and yet others might simply charge far too much for their services. How do you go about choosing the right digital marketing company?


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How do you decide which social media agency is the best fit for you?

This is the hardest part. Lots of agencies are saying lots of great things about themselves. But which social media marketing agencies are legit and which ones are frauds? Here’s what to look for.

Take A Look At Their Social Media Accounts


A digital marketing agency should obviously have a powerful social media presence. If they can’t manage their own social media campaign, then how can you expect them to manage yours? That’s why swinging by their social media pages is one of the first steps in weeding out the companies that aren’t worth your time.

The company should be very active and regular on multiple social media platforms. Every social media agency should have a presence on the big sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It’s an added bonus if they are present and active on some of the smaller sites as well.

The keyword here is “active”. Simply having a social media profile isn’t nearly enough. If the agency only makes a post once every few weeks, then they aren’t nearly as active as they should be. You could also take a look at any of the people who are following and liking their content.

It’s not unheard of for marketing agencies to purchase fake accounts. These fake accounts only exist for the purpose of liking, sharing, and promoting the agency. Take a look at some of the accounts that like the agency and see if they have any other activity aside from you see on the agency’s page.

Next, take the opportunity to reach out to them on their social media profiles before actually contacting their agency for business. How they handle engagement with you will be an adequate depiction of how they will handle clients attempting to engage with your business. You should reach out on a few different social media sites as well.

Ideally, they will respond very quickly and in an appropriate matter. Measure the time it takes for the agency to respond to you on these sites. If the response time is too long, then you should search for a more timely agency. The quality of their response should be considered as well. For example, if there are typos in their response, then it should set off a warning flag. Is that how you want your business to be represented?

Finally, you can ask to speak with the social media account manager for the agency. These agencies will always claim to truly believe in the potential of social media, but do they practice what they preach? If they are as serious about social media as they should be, then they will have a dedicated account manager employed full-time.

If they lack this employee, then they likely lack real faith in the services they provide. A marketing agency needs to care as much about their online presence as any other business. Perhaps even more so since they need to convince others of its importance.

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Dig Deep Into Their Social Media


You can dig deeper into their social media existence by finding the accounts of the agency’s employees. Every agency is made of people and those people are the ones who will be representing your business on social media. It’s a good idea to look at their social media account to see exactly what kind of people they are.

It’s good when the employees maintain a strong social media presence as well. This allows you to know if they really understand social media platforms and can utilize them for themselves. You want to work with an agency whose employees show that they love their work. On the other hand, if their page has posts talking about how much they hate their job, then you should steer clear.

Ask Them Specific Questions


Once you are happy with their social media presence, you should contact the agency and ask them a few questions. Your goal is to find out how they will manage your accounts, how they will measure their success and anything else that you might find important. For example, it’s a good idea to ask how many accounts their agency is currently managing.

You may also ask for some previous case studies and concept proofs. It’s always a good idea to review case studies from an agency before you make a commitment. If an agency can’t provide you with case studies, then you should look for an agency that can.

Pay attention to how they engage with you as well. Do they make an effort to learn the values of your brand and your business objectives? If not, then how can they accurately reflect them online?

Don’t Pick The Cheapest Option


You aren’t going to get a “deal” by choosing the cheapest social media marketing agency. You really get what you pay for! The agencies with the highest level of success typically are not the cheapest solutions. But they do bring the best results.

However, you’ll also want to avoid big marketing agencies that charge big bucks because of outdated social media case studies. Make sure the agencies have seen success in the last 24 months (because social strategy is constantly changing) to make sure they have the chops you need.

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